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Locations             CAC         Capital Athletic Club, 1515 8th Street, Sacramento EP            El Papagayo Mexican Restaurant, 5804 Marconi Ave., Carmichael MPL         MPL GetWellness Center, 7601 Sunrise Blvd, Suite 8, Citrus Heights PF             Pho Fresh, 10673 Coloma Rd, Rancho Cordova PV            Pho Vegan, 6661 Stanford Ranch Rd. E, Rocklin QS            Queen Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant, 1704 Broadway, Sacramento SM           Signs Memorial SDA Church, 1920 Finnell Rd., Yountville (Napa Valley) ZEST        Zest Kitchen, 2620 Sunset Blvd. Suite 1, Rocklin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evolving Health Webinar/Seminar Series Schedule – through April 2020, updated 3/31/20 Sat          Apr 4      ZOOM    Beating COVID-19 and the Next Pandemic.  3:00 pm Mon       Apr 6      ZOOM    5 Secrets to Living a Thriving, Healthy, Happy Life.  5:00 pm Tue         Apr 7      ZOOM    Stress Management 101.  6:00 pm Wed       Apr 8      ZOOM    Increasing Life Expectancy.  6:00 pm Sat          Apr 11   ZOOM    Freedom from Diabetes.  3:00 pm Sun         Apr 12   ZOOM    Healthy Heart, Longer Life.  3:00 pm Mon       Apr 13   ZOOM    Preventing Alzheimer’s.  5:00 pm Tue         Apr 14   ZOOM    Lose Weight, Feel Great!  6:00 pm Wed       Apr 15   ZOOM    Communication for a Peaceful Life.  [...]

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Why “losing weight” is a HORRIBLE goal

Why "losing weight" is a HORRIBLE goal. Millions of people engage in the battle of the bulge - trying to "lose weight" that they have gained for a variety of reasons. "Weight loss" centers are everywhere, including Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and others. Medically supervised "weight loss" programs have expanded to include lap band surgery. And, weight loss is commonly used as part of the title of many books and articles. Yet, the problem has not gotten any better. In fact, it's gotten worse, with 70% of the American population being overweight or obese. What most of us don't realize, is that our brains are wired a particular way. There is a famous true story of a baseball pitcher - it was the bottom of the 9th inning in the 7th game of the World Series. The tying run was on first base, their best hitter was at bat. The manager came up to the mound and said "Whatever you do, do NOT throw low and outside!" Since the manager planted the image of "low and outside" into the pitcher's brain, guess where the pitcher [...]

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Coach Ruben’s Food Pyramid

This pyramid provides a simple and effective way to look at food and get healthier. It combines the teachings of many of the greatest minds in the arena of holistic nutrition and helps us to focus on the most important factors. There are two major categories of foods - Life Promoting vs. Life Depleting. This corresponds with how food interacts with our central nervous system. Food or food substances affect us NEUROLOGICALLY and will trigger either the sympathetic nervous system (fight, flight, freeze, stress, survival) or the parasympathetic nervous system (peace, pleasure, rest, digestion, ease). This is rather dramatic and profound. This concept cuts through all the labels and the rhetoric of so many faddists who just want to make your money. If foods trigger the sympathetic system and we consume too much of them too frequently, then the body has no choice than to begin to exhibit DIS-EASE. And this is the true source of all chronic disease. Conversely, if we consume foods that trigger the parasympathetic system, then the body can HEAL ITSELF since the body is at ease and the immune system [...]

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Testimonials from recent Evolving Health Program

Testimonials from Evolving Health 2-Day Intensive, November 5-6, 2014   Before I participated in this program, my issues included back pain, body pain and tiredness. I have been searching for solutions to these challenges and my friend, Brenda recommended that I try this program. One of the most important things I learned was about how the body truly does work and how to structure a nutrition program that works. I am also planning on adopting a regular exercise schedule. This program provided an entire mind shift with insightful information down to the cellular level. The presentations were excellent. Ruben is knowledgeable and eloquent. The program was perfect! Esperanza Agbayani, Realtor   Before participating in this program, I was confronted by excess belly fat, menopause symptoms, low energy and lack of sleep. I was encouraged greatly by Brenda, who I admire and respect. I learned many things in the program, including about the oil slick inside our cells, and the truth about the Standard American Diet. I attained a new hope in being able to change my physiology. I am committed to adopting a new diet, [...]

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Evolving Health Testimonial – Debby

August 2012 A couple of months before the Evolving Health 6-month program began, I had attended one of Ruben’s free seminars, bought and read his book, and really liked his approach. Then, as fate would have it, I was in a lot of emotional pain from a breakup that happened just a week before the program began. I was in a state of mental confusion and confronted by the old habit of taking responsibility for other people’s dysfunctional behavior.  I decided to participate in the Evolving Health program because I was disgusted by all the weight I had gained in the previous year and a half. I needed motivation to get myself back on track. While participating in the program, I learned a lot more about the mind-body-spirit connection.  I found the thought processes and physiological information hugely important.  I began looking at the false beliefs I have carried for so long, and this has brought about a new consciousness that I want to continue to develop further.  I’ve begun reading more books on positive thinking, and I’ve been keeping a food log for the [...]

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8 Steps to Making a Powerful Request

Eight Steps to Creating a Powerful Request        “Ask, and you shall receive.”  Sounds good – but how do I ask?  Many times we may ask for things, but if we don’t know how to ask, we tend to get shot down and get less than we want.  Following these steps will empower you to ask by creating a context or framework that will support your request. While there are no guarantees, with practice, using this approach will provide greater success. What is/are your commitment(s)?  It may be your commitment, and even stronger could be a shared commitment.  For example, “we are committed to providing extraordinary customer service and having our business be successful.” Given this commitment, what’s not working?  What’s the breakdown?  What is the problem, issue, concern, worry, frustration, etc. that fundamentally is inconsistent with the commitment?  Be concise. What are the facts?  Just the facts – nothing else.  Provide objective information about what’s not working. If possible, provide data, charts, etc. Give verifiable information on what’s so, on what happened. What is the impact?  Provide insight as to how this breakdown is [...]

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Coach Ruben meets with Dr John McDougall

Here I am with Dr. John McDougall, one of the giants in nutritional medicine whose books were a great influence in my path. I got to meet with him at the UC Davis School of Medicine, Dept. of Integrative Medicine sponsored lecture that he gave, Mar 27, 2012. He presented his lecture entitled "The Starch Solution" which was a preview from his new book which will be released in May. Click on the picture for more information about Dr. McDougall.  

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