This pyramid provides a simple and effective way to look at food and get healthier. It combines the teachings of many of the greatest minds in the arena of holistic nutrition and helps us to focus on the most important factors.

There are two major categories of foods – Life Promoting vs. Life Depleting. This corresponds with how food interacts with our central nervous system. Food or food substances affect us NEUROLOGICALLY and will trigger either the sympathetic nervous system (fight, flight, freeze, stress, survival) or the parasympathetic nervous system (peace, pleasure, rest, digestion, ease). This is rather dramatic and profound. This concept cuts through all the labels and the rhetoric of so many faddists who just want to make your money. If foods trigger the sympathetic system and we consume too much of them too frequently, then the body has no choice than to begin to exhibit DIS-EASE. And this is the true source of all chronic disease. Conversely, if we consume foods that trigger the parasympathetic system, then the body can HEAL ITSELF since the body is at ease and the immune system is supported. This is the reason why I have been able to empower so many people to reverse their diabetes, reverse their cancer, reverse their heart disease and more.

The first category of foods we need are for ENERGY. Our bodies cannot function without the formulation of glycogen, which is the storage unit for energy. Only two molecules on the face of the planet can be used to formulate glycogen – amylose and amylopectin – otherwise known as STARCH. The foods listed have the highest concentration of starch and historically have proven to be the best foods for promoting energy for thousands of years. Approximately 70% of our diet should come from these foods.

The second category of foods we need are for performance and anti-aging. We need these foods to provide the rich source of micronutrients and anti-oxidants that support our immune system and keep us healthy. Most people simply do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. However, many raw foodists can overdo their consumption of these foods without the energy foods and can therefore get into trouble. Approximately 30% of our diet should come from these foods.

The third category of foods are those that humans have adapted to eating, yet trigger the sympathetic nervous system and cause inflammation throughout the body. The endothelial lining of the blood vessel walls become eroded by the consumption of these foods. Perhaps the single most endocrinological complication from consuming meat and dairy is the presence of cholesterol – which is a steroidal compound. Cholesterol is the “grandmother” of the cholesterol derived steroidal hormones in the body – the sex hormones (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone), water regulation (aldosterone), and stress (cortisol). The nutritional requirement for cholesterol in the diet is absolutely zero. The addition of cholesterol in the diet disrupts the natural production of cholesterol and leads to the excess production of the downstream hormones. As an example, in women, there is extensive correlation with animal food consumption and excess estrogen production associated with increased rates of breast cancer. The same holds true for men and prostate cancer. In addition, there are many other complications, too numerous to list here. All oils are man-made products that do not naturally occur in the refined state in nature. Hence, they stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. We only need to ingest the natural oils that are present in whole plant food – and only to the degree that we can metabolize these fats. Excess fat consumption leads to many cellular complications. Processed foods are also foreign substances and lead to inflammation and a much higher level of fat storage.

The fourth category of foods, quite frankly, are destructive. As popular as they are, they cause significant direct harm in the body and they all trigger the sympathetic nervous system. Sugar causes inflammation, stimulates the same reward centers  in the brain as does cocaine, and can only be stored as excess fat. Deep fried oils have the same basic chemical backbone as plastic, motor oil and gasoline, and are biologically inert. Sodas fundamentally are a salt-water solution, leading to dehydration of the brain and other neurological distress. The “legal” drugs consist of nicotine, caffeine and alcohol. Nicotine and caffeine have very similar structures. Pure nicotine will kill you in about 5 seconds – caffeine comes close. Alcohol kills brain cells, destroys the good bacteria in the intestinal tract. All three are addictive as well. The excitotoxins are intentionally added food enhancement chemicals – similar to and including MSG – that overstimulate brain cells and cause their death.

Another toxic group are pesticides and herbicides. One particular compound – glyphosate – the active ingredient in Round Up – destroys the healthy bacteria in our intestinal tract and has been correlated significantly with 22 chronic diseases, including autism, diabetes, dementia, alzheimer’s, heart disease and more. It is absolutely best to avoid any foods that are GMO, and best to consume only organic foods.

If you can follow these guidelines, you can begin the process to greater energy, health and vitality. If you have a chronic disease condition, I encourage you to get started with this approach and contact me for coaching, since every condition includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components that need to be addressed as well.