Testimonials from Evolving Health 2-Day Intensive, November 5-6, 2014


Before I participated in this program, my issues included back pain, body pain and tiredness. I have been searching for solutions to these challenges and my friend, Brenda recommended that I try this program. One of the most important things I learned was about how the body truly does work and how to structure a nutrition program that works. I am also planning on adopting a regular exercise schedule. This program provided an entire mind shift with insightful information down to the cellular level. The presentations were excellent. Ruben is knowledgeable and eloquent. The program was perfect!

Esperanza Agbayani, Realtor


Before participating in this program, I was confronted by excess belly fat, menopause symptoms, low energy and lack of sleep. I was encouraged greatly by Brenda, who I admire and respect. I learned many things in the program, including about the oil slick inside our cells, and the truth about the Standard American Diet. I attained a new hope in being able to change my physiology. I am committed to adopting a new diet, a new exercise regimen and a new mind set! The first night after the program, I slept better than I have in a long time! And, the excess weight has been flying off! The program was filled with great information from studies, resources, background and testimonials. I love Ruben’s passion and enthusiasm!

Miriam Lytle, Owner of Wolf Mountain Day Spa, Esthetician, Coach


Before the program, I was struggling with trying to reduce body fat. I knew that I wasn’t doing something right and I needed to learn how to effectively release excess body fat, not just for competition. This program completely debunked so many of the myths that I had come to believe about health. I now know what to focus on, what to stop doing, and how to unlearn my bad habits. This program has affected me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In particular, I found the information on Self-Sabotage to be rather powerful. I thoroughly enjoyed the examples, the use of the white board, but more importantly the success stories. Ruben is a great presenter with lots of rich content, and I love his passion!

Ruth Martinez, Bridal consultant, Competitive Fitness Athlete