August 2012

A couple of months before the Evolving Health 6-month program began, I had attended one of Ruben’s free seminars, bought and read his book, and really liked his approach. Then, as fate would have it, I was in a lot of emotional pain from a breakup that happened just a week before the program began. I was in a state of mental confusion and confronted by the old habit of taking responsibility for other people’s dysfunctional behavior.  I decided to participate in the Evolving Health program because I was disgusted by all the weight I had gained in the previous year and a half. I needed motivation to get myself back on track. While participating in the program, I learned a lot more about the mind-body-spirit connection.  I found the thought processes and physiological information hugely important.  I began looking at the false beliefs I have carried for so long, and this has brought about a new consciousness that I want to continue to develop further.  I’ve begun reading more books on positive thinking, and I’ve been keeping a food log for the first time. I’ve gone back to a predominately plant-based diet and have recommitted myself to regular workouts at the gym. My old morning routine of meditation and writing has been reincorporated. I feel so much happier with greater energy and a much more positive outlook!

The Evolving Health presentations were understandable, professional and informative. It was important to me that we were encouraged to participate in every class and not just lectured to. Ruben always took the time to answer questions with educated answers that were understood easily by the everyday person. Ruben was just as committed to being in the class as I was!  I’ve really enjoyed this program, and I’m a little sad it has come to an end. But, I look forward to doing the 3-Day Intensive and possibly incorporating the Healthy Lifestyle Coaching into my life.

I definitely recommend that the Capital Athletic Club continue to offer this program and I definitely recommend that others take this program!

Debby, Computer Systems Engineer