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Coaching empowers us to tap into those hidden opportunities that only become available through imagination, innovation, insights, possibilities, creativity and the power of collaboration.
Coach Ruben

FREE Lifestyle Medicine Seminars

Paying it forward, Coach Ruben offers 16 different topics at several locations throughout the Sacramento region on various days during the week. Check back periodically for updates.

Lifestyle Medicine Consultation

Get started with your personalized health plan! You complete a comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine Health Information Form, then schedule a 1-on-1 session with Coach Ruben to review your goals and challenges. He will provide education/coaching, and develop your personal healthy lifestyle action plan with additional resources provided.

How To Fully Live 12-Week Lifestyle Medicine Immersion Program

This group program is designed to empower you to transform your lifestyle so that you never go back to where you were before. Initial intensive over the course of 2 weekends (Saturday-Sunday) followed by 12 weekly conference calls, lots of support and accountability.

Executive/Professional Performance Coaching

As a former healthcare executive who understands the rigors of professional life, Coach Ruben custom-tailors his coaching to empower you to reach a breakthrough level of performance, covering a wide range of factors, including communication, stress/time management, leadership skills, work/life balance, health and more.

Leadership Development

Having taught leadership at the university level, Coach Ruben delivers a comprehensive curriculum to empower emerging leaders to learn and practice the most effective leadership skills in four major areas: Self-Leadership, Situational Leadership, Team Leadership and Organizational Culture. Also included is training and development in priority management, communication, health and more.

Lifestyle & Performance Medicine in the Workplace

An opportunity to dramatically improve the health and well-being of your workforce and subsequently improve their productivity, morale and loyalty for your company, while decreasing absenteeism, presenteeism, and health care claims. Your ROI is substantial. Everybody wins with this approach.


Thank you so much for doing these seminars and putting them online for others to watch on their own time. Mike and I benefited so much from your health education series as well as all the information and support from the greater Sacramento whole foods, plant based community. Just 5 months into it so far and it’s been life changing in the best way.

– Susan & Mike

This was my fourth program with Ruben! I’m so glad I attended!
The program is fabulous and so is Ruben!

– Donna

Dixie: You impress me with your desire to spread the message of living a healthy lifestyle (for free) and your attitude of love, compassion and being grateful.

Kelly: Your training has educated me on how to take care of my health for a beautiful future. Your coaching has released the old buried beliefs that were stuck deep inside, allowing me to love myself again and thrive emotionally, mentally and physically. Thank you Coach!

Stephen: You taught me to think differently and more clearly.
And it really did affect my life in a positive way.

Donna: You helped me make the changes I needed to live the life I always wanted. I was living a plant-based lifestyle but you helped me find the tweaks that were necessary to make my life awesome.

Dana: I share what I have learned from attending your seminars with people all the time. Thank you for educating me and everyone on living with a zest for life and true well-being. You are an amazing leader. Thank you!!!

Andrea: I now live my life a lot more consciously than I have before. You have given me a fresh perspective of my life, “new eyes” if you will. Our conversations and time together have been invaluable.

Greg: I would say you’ve expanded my consciousness in many ways.
Nafsheen: You have opened up my mind to changing my thinking around being helpless as a food addict! I now feel empowered!