Living inside the realm of the extraordinary, we view ourselves from a rare and exceptional point of view. We honor our word, our promises, our agreements, and our commitments. We operate from the principles of responsibility, generosity and integrity. We constantly practice the following powerful practices as a way of life.


This is where we accept others, just the way they are, with no judgment. This is the basis of powerful love, for anything else is operating from fear. Acceptance is unconditional respect. However, it does not necessarily mean we condone unacceptable behavior. Regardless of the behavior, we accept the person.


This goes far beyond simply saying “I’m sorry.” Apology begins with saying “I’m sorry,” but then taking complete responsibility for the impact of your behaviors on others – the ripple effect. The next step in an apology is to communicate what you see is missing in both your mindset and your behaviors. Then you complete the apology with a promise and a total commitment to change. The practice of apology is therefore ongoing in fulfilling on your promises and commitments.


This is where we take any emotional charge about a situation and put it in the past where it belongs – carrying no emotional charge from the past into the present or the future. To forgive, we must completely clean the slate. We recognize that whatever happened, happened. It is done, and it doesn’t have to shape the present moment or the future any longer. When we forgive others, we free ourselves.


This is where we practice being grateful for what we DO have, and we stop complaining about what we don’t have. What we appreciate, appreciates. What we put our attention on, expands. A great way to practice this is to declare five things that you are grateful for each day!


This is where we practice communicating to others what we are grateful for about them. We acknowledge their contribution to us and/or others, their actions, and their ways of being, eg. Being courageous, powerful, generous, etc. This expands the power of appreciation to others and is a generous gift. When we acknowledge others at every opportunity possible, we initiate a powerful flow of positive energy from us towards others that naturally flows back towards us in many different ways. This is an extraordinary act of generosity that pays huge dividends!