Business Coaching

As a business coach, Coach Ruben works primarily with the executive team of the organization. His primary role is to empower the executive team to create radical breakthrough results in leadership, communication, sales, customer service, productivity and profitability. Coach Ruben works fundamentally at empowering the executive team to make the necessary shifts in mindset and corresponding behaviors, and he holds them accountable for these shifts. Every aspect of the organization is evaluated and areas for improvement are identified. Clear cut goals and objectives are established along with measurements and accountabilities. Any training that is needed is either provided directly by Coach Ruben or outsourced by a reputable provider. Within the first year of business coaching, the executive team typically will:

  • Be trained extensively in leadership (self, situational, and team)
  • Be trained extensively in communication for producing results
  • Learn and be effective at raising morale and productivity with staff
  • Learn to make the tough people decisions
  • Learn to work collaboratively as a team
  • Establish clear cut goals and objectives with measurements and accountabilities
  • Minimize needless expenses and maximize profitability
  • Greatly improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Become more effective at adapting to change
  • Effectively change their mindset and behaviors to that which are consistent with a championship organization
  • Establish the foundation for ongoing financial prosperity

The typical structure for this type of coaching is weekly meetings of 90 minutes to two hours with the entire executive team, along with any necessary ancillary meetings to resolve specific issues. There are also reading assignments. In addition, Coach Ruben usually attends the all-staff meetings on a monthly basis.