Evolving Leadership

These pages are designed to provide you with options in your quest to build your professional success or build your organization. You might be interested in one-on-one coaching through Professional Performance Coaching. Coaching isn’t about telling you what to do. It’s about creating a dynamic partnership to empower you to see your blind spots, raise the level of your performance and accomplish your goals. In a coaching engagement, you’ll work together with Coach Ruben to develop new insights, new strategies, new practices and establish new structures for success. Maybe, you would like to join Coach Ruben for a couple of days in his Evolving Leadership Intensive and get a definite boost in your effectiveness. You may be interested in engaging Coach Ruben in empowering your entire leadership team and organization. As an award-winning and dynamic speaker, your organization will leave from Coach Ruben’s seminars being inspired, informed, and motivated into action. Insightful and thought-provoking, Coach Ruben’s seminars are not simply informational – they are transformational. They are the catalyst for initiating life-long and ongoing shifts in mindset, behaviors and structures for success. Coach Ruben provides a wide variety of seminars in the areas of leadership, communication, team development, and creating a thriving organizational culture. He also provides keynote addresses and can custom tailor presentations to your organization’s needs.