Thriving Communication

Communication for a Thriving Organization

Coach Ruben’s Communication Curriculum

This program begins from within – establishing a foundation for a sustainable thriving organization. The program then delves into communication from the standpoint that we must “seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Developing actual skills in active listening, and getting the message across, the training leads to being able to effectively deal with conflict and create trust. This approach requires involvement and participation, so this is not a passive set of “lectures.” Everyone will need to commit to being fully engaged in the process. The leaders of the organization have an additional session focusing on communication for empowerment. The end result is an organization that communicates from a positive and thriving consciousness, fully empowered and fully connected.

Each of the following sections is approximately two hours, two weeks apart.

1. Creating the foundation for a thriving organization

We establish the foundation for creating breakthrough results, reveal the barrier of scarcity for what it is, then build the foundation for sufficiency consciousness and a thriving organization.

  • The insanity of doing more of the same
  • Defining breakthroughs
  • Circle of knowledge and the Johari Window
  • The 4 levels of coachability
  • Thriving vs. Surviving
  • 3 myths of scarcity
  • 3 truths of sufficiency
  • Creating the lists for practicing sufficiency

2. Active Listening

Operating from the 5th habit of highly effective people, we first reveal why our natural tendency is to not listen, then examine the 3 levels of listening and then develop practices for active listening.

  • 5th habit of highly effective people
  • Why we don’t listen
  • 3 levels of Active Listening
  • Participation exercises for listening – colors, replication
  • Reflection & recreation – role playing exercises

3. Getting the Message Across

This section is about making sure that what we have to communicate is clearly understood and is effective in moving the organization forward.

  • Cutting corners exercise
  • 8 steps to making a powerful request
  • Negotiating effectively for the win-win-win

4. Converting Conflict to Opportunity

In any organization, conflict is certain to emerge, because we are all human beings. If we deal with conflict from a place of understanding and a thriving mindset, conflict can actually present new possibilities for growth and development.

  • Understanding the fundamental nature of conflict
  • How our subconscious conditioning determines our perceptions and reactions
  • The subconscious “iceberg” and all its layers
  • Creating trust – The Trust Walk
  • Powerful completion and homework assignment

5. Completion and Sharing

This is the “final test” for all the participants in the communication program. Everyone will share with the rest of the participants in a sacred and safe space, the results they produced from creating trust during the previous session. Be sure to bring your tissues – there won’t be a dry eye by the time it’s over.


Communication for Empowerment (front-line managers and above)

This session is crucial for all the leaders. It is imperative that they all attend. They will be empowered to create and sustain effective communication for individuals and for the entire organization so that it continues to move in the thriving direction.

  • Situational Leadership theory and principles
  • Empowering each individual effectively
  • Groups vs. Teams
  • Creating High Performance Teams
  • Group Toss exercise
  • Lost in Space exercise

From an employee at Alpha Research Technology, where this program was conducted in the Fall of 2013.

Great job Coach Ruben!

Thank you very much for sharing your message with our ART team and family. Your whole persona imbues positive maturation and evolution of how I perceive my “higher self” to grow and become after these trials and tribulations leave their mark and years of soul searching sojourns spent soliloquizing lugubriously leave me wanting more and not knowing which direction to choose… The whole process was unique and you inspired me; your course brought out the best in all of us and gave us an insight towards perception and the ability to use tools to create optics (frameworks displaying “the big picture” more clearly) and tune-in to the real value and meaning of communication between and among a filled conference room of people with such varied backgrounds to seek TRUST and to strive to instill TRUST in one another as we work towards a common cause was very inspiring.

Thank you for your precious time, your valued perspective, your enlightening use of positive quotes and your ability to demonstrate how a good COACH is always there, sticking to the script, inspiring, paying forward the dues of your selected and grateful students by engaging their will for wonder and belief in the adage “Where there is a will, there is a way”. I wish you all the continued success that continues your way and wanted to take a moment to personally reflect on a job well done at presenting what bounty and grace a focused life and path can produce. Thank you for your shared stories, they all helped me understand you and your route to the present.

Thank you Coach Ruben.

A grateful ART employee who needed your lesson