Leadership Retreat

Becoming A Samurai For Success

As the leader in your organization, are you interested in:

  • Bringing your executives together to work as one cohesive team?
  • Creating a breakthrough in the effectiveness of your organization?
  • Training your executives in effective leadership in a concise way?
  • Raising the bar in your team’s leadership and communication skills?

And, if I told you that you could accomplish all of this in a fun, exciting and powerful way in just one day, would that be of interest to you?

Yes! Then read on…

Breakthrough Leadership is designed for you – leaders and executives committed to radically causing breakthroughs in performance for your organizations. It begins by first empowering you, the leaders to shift your thinking and then apply proven leadership and communication skills, thus allowing you to create a powerful foundation for breakthrough results on a consistent basis.

The objectives of the program:

  • Establish the context for creating breakthroughs in your leadership and communication
  • Establish the keys for self, situational and team leadership
  • Develop tools and practices for powerful communication
  • Experience “TEAM”
  • Creatively design an action plan that inspires you

In the morning, we will focus on leadership. We’ll work in a conference room and go through some powerful information and conversations.

  • Dismantle the old context of Scarcity and construct the new context of Sufficiency Three dimensions of Leadership – Self, Situational, and Team
  • 21 habits that hold you back
  • 4 primary fears that stop you
  • Bushido – code of the Samurai
  • 5 Powerful Practices
  • Shortcut to distinction
  • Situational Leadership II principles and strategies
  • 4 stages of team development
  • 4 common elements of high performance teams
  • 5 Steps to building a “Dream Team”
  • 4 skill areas for team leaders

After lunch, we’ll spend a short amount of time in the conference room and do some powerful work on communication. Then, we’ll move to the experiential exercises outdoors, which will powerfully transform your leadership and communication capabilities.

  • Understanding the three elements of upset
  • 3 levels of powerful listening
  • Step-by-step approach to making powerful requests
  • Experiential exercises: Cutting Corners, Trust Walk, Group Toss, Lava Walk and more

At the end of the afternoon, we’ll meet in the conference room again to creatively design a new future. Your leaders will be unified as a team – inspired to create breakthroughs!

  • Feed forward exercise – innovation for new ideas
  • Creating a new future – new commitments – shifting the attitude
  • Accountability and follow-up measures via partnering

“Ruben Guzman, one of our Vistage speakers, recently delivered a retreat to my CEO Group 3021 with his presentation “Breakthrough Leadership – Becoming a Samurai for Success.” His scores were perfect 5s with 100% recommendation to speak to other groups. His excellent program utilizes his experience in health care administration, leading championship teams, and developing high-caliber athletes. He also brings his experience of having been trained in leadership from top military brass, and having gone through the same program that is used to train our Special Forces officers. Leadership Training is very important to my CEOs – so this retreat was particularly important and relevant. Ruben’s program powerfully provides the opportunity to alter our mindset about leadership, and then gives us an abundance of meaty and useful tools for practicing leadership and effective communication. The afternoon experiential exercises were fun, insightful and truly transformational. By the end of the program, we had unified as a team – able to walk across a field of “lava” together! Having experienced several other Vistage speakers on a similar topic, I find Ruben’s approach to be the most engaging, interactive, practical and effective I have experienced. I highly recommend that you book Ruben!”

-Therese “Tess” Kastning

Group Chair, Greater Boston Area