What makes Coach Ruben different, is his practical reality-based coaching that produces results in our people and our organization. In this last year and a half, Coach Ruben has personally helped me become a better leader, has helped us with our strategic planning process and our ability to implement and accomplish our goals. He has helped us strengthen our leadership team to become more cohesive and achieve a level of clarity and alignment that I think exists in very few organizations. I have deployed him to coach our core leadership team members and we all have a great respect for his coaching. Coach Ruben will also soon be delivering important training for our entire staff on health, energy and vitality as we continue to raise the bar on our commitment to excellence. We are so glad to have Coach Ruben on our team at BVM!

Michael Pankow, President at APM Affiliate – Big Valley Mortgage in Roseville, CA

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This is an extensive and comprehensive program to developing a Thriving Leader.

There are 4 major dimensions to leadership that are developed in this training:

  • Self-Leadership – being the leader by example
  • Situational  Leadership – empowering each individual to their best level of performance
  • Team Leadership – creating High Performance Teams that set the standards
  • Creating a Thriving Organizational Culture – intentionally developing a culture that flourishes

Included in this training:

  • Creating Breakthroughs
  • Creating a thriving mindset
  • Creating a new blueprint for success
  • Communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Project management skills
  • Wellness and health

Evolving Leadership

Coach Ruben’s Leadership Development Curriculum

This program begins from within – establishing a foundation for a sustainable thriving organization with the mindset of the leader. The program then delves into the 4 dimensions of leadership that every fully competent leader needs to develop. Finally, there are special skills that every leader needs to acquire to round out the program.  Any topic areas that do not fit for this group can be modified to best suit the needs of the group.

Creating Breakthroughs

We establish the foundation for creating radical organizational breakthrough results – not just a little bit faster or better – but building a capacity for ongoing change and progress.

  • The insanity of doing more of the same
  • Defining breakthroughs
  • Circle of knowledge and the Johari Window
  • The 4 levels of coachability
  • Thriving vs. Surviving
  • Three pillars for success

Creating the Context of Sufficiency

We examine the pervasive cultural context of scarcity, and then look at the breakthrough context of sufficiency and how to practice using it.

  • 3 myths of scarcity
  • 3 truths of sufficiency
  • Creating the lists for practicing sufficiency

Reading: The Soul of Money, The Secret

Creating a New Blueprint for Success

We examine how we created the self-imposed limitations to our personal success, and then create a new pathway to personal power.

  • Distinguishing the auditory, visual and kinesthetic self-imposed limitations
  • The probable almost certain path of the future
  • Understanding the subconscious pattern – and dismantling it
  • Creating the new “files” for personal power

Reading: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Eliminating Self-sabotage

We identify our unique subconscious mechanism that holds us back from achieving our goals and create the quick and powerful 4-step practice for rewiring our subconscious.

  • Conversations we are aware of
  • The primary subconscious conversations
  • Subconscious payoffs
  • The underlying root fears
  • 4-step process for success

1st Dimension – Self-leadership

The organization is always a reflection of its leadership.  Leadership of the team begins with the leader.

  • 21 habits that get in the way
  • 5 powerful practices
  • Integrity checklist
  • Personal Mission Statement

Readings: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, Self-Leadership and the One Minute Manager, Yes-You Can Make a Difference.

2nd Dimension – Situational Leadership

Enhancing the ability of leaders to work effectively in managing individuals

  • 3 principles of One-Minute Management
  • The 2 leadership behaviors and the 4 leadership styles
  • Situational Leadership II matrix
  • Contracting for effective results

Readings: The One Minute Manager, Putting the One Minute Manager to Work, Leadership and the One Minute Manager

3rd Dimension – Team Leadership

Leading a team is far more complex than managing individuals and requires a different level of skills

  • 4 stages of a team’s growth
  • 5 elements of high performance teams
  • 5 skills needed to build a dream team
  • 5 stages of championship performance
  • Rules for brainstorming
  • Holding effective meetings

Readings: Fish, Gung Ho

4th Dimension – Creating a Thriving Organizational Culture

  • Surviving vs. Thriving organization
  • Paradigm, principles, indicators, motivational forces
  • Putting structures in place to reinforce a thriving culture
  • Dealing with change

  • Communicating the vision to the team – being a leader that inspires – 4 steps
  • Expanding the context of sufficiency to the entire organization
  • Organizational mission statement

Readings: Our Iceberg is Melting, Who Moved My Cheese


The single most important skill for leaders

  • Understanding the 3 elements of upsets
  • 3 dimensions of active listening – content, background, commitment
  • Practice exercises for developing listening skills
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Powerful completions
  • 8 steps for making a powerful request

Reading: Listening for Opportunity, Everyone Communicates Few Connect

Time and Project Management

Becoming a master of managing one’s time is key to effective leadership

  • Rocks exercise
  • 168 hours
  • Creating visual time blocks
  • 4 quadrants of time management
  • SMAART Goals, projects, tasks and 3 MIT’s

Readings: First Things First, The Power of Less

Marketing & Sales

Creating the effective mindset and behaviors to attract and have perfect customers

  • Creating a Strategic Attraction Plan
  • Unique Core Differentiators
  • Qualified referrals
  • Hi-level professional sales process

Readings: Attracting Perfect Customers, One Minute Sales Person

Wellness and Health

Your health and the health of your team is your most important asset

  • Cost of unhealthy employees
  • Importance of health in relation to productivity and profitability
  • Priorities to master in the areas of nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, strength, rest and stress management

Readings: Evolving Health, Forks Over Knives