Unwind from the stress of your hectic week, and begin your weekend feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and re-energized!

Taught by Ruben J Guzman, MPH

Author of Evolving Health

Currently looking for a new location to teach this class.

This class is being offered on a love-offering basis.
All proceeds are donated to the Mustard Seed School for Homeless Children.


Promote excellent health through this unique blend of yoga, chi-kung, tai-chi and other exercises that will leave you feeling relaxed and energized.  These exercises improve postural strength, balance, flexibility and stamina.  This class is also excellent for those who have chronic back pain.  Appropriate for beginners as well as advanced.  Ages 13 and up.  Bring a mat and wear comfortable loose fitting clothing (or exercise tights).

This class was designed to enhance energy flow, strength and flexibility for health and longevity.  It is based on studies of several eastern disciplines and has students feeling rejuvenated and centered.  A wonderful way to let go of the week and start a great weekend!

The first half of the class focuses on energy flow, getting your body warmed up with chi-kung and tai-chi, and getting centered with postural poses.  Then the second half will focus on one of six different yoga routines.  Each of these classes will provide a total-body workout for strength, and will provide a great variety of flexibility work.  The poses are taught so that anyone from beginner to advanced can participate.  It is slow-paced with plenty of time in each pose.  There is an emphasis on breathing and relaxation as well.  Bring a health question as well to be answered by Ruben.

 “Five years ago, I was faced with the possibility of back surgery, with a loss of my job and not being able to participate in the activities I love.  This class has provided me with the freedom to continue my normal activities and even take on more strenuous activities.  If I didn’t attend, I wouldn’t be able to jog, snowboard or bike!”  – Matt B.

 Your instructor, Ruben J. Guzman, M.P.H., designed Evolving Health Yoga and has taught this class for over 14 years.  A humble student of yoga and various arts for over 30 years, he has combined a variety of aspects from different disciplines to enhance energy and health.    He holds a Masters in Public Health specializing in Behavioral Sciences and Health Promotion.  He also conducts seminars on health and wellness.    (916) 484-7415