A Lifestyle & Performance Medicine based approach with a combination of courses, trainings and support structures designed to transform your employees health, increase productivity and cut insurance costs. This unique and powerful program will alter your organization’s culture around health and lead to breakthroughs in productivity!

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Are you a CEO, VP, Director, leader?… and would you like to–

  • Lower medical and insurance costs?
  • Decrease absenteeism?
  • Enhance performance, productivity and morale?
  • Save your company/organization as much as $6 for every dollar invested?

The health of your organization is directly related to the health of your greatest resource – your people. Some employees are working longer hours and weekends often at the expense of their health and families. Others are overwhelmed, overweight and overstressed. Consequently they are using greater amounts of sick time and are at greater risk of injury or time off. This means increased healthcare costs and decreased productivity for your company.

For many companies, like yours, medical costs can consume half the corporate profits – or more! Studies show it costs employers an average of $1200 to $1500 MORE per year to insure each employee that is obese, has high blood pressure, high stress or smokes than a healthy employee.

How the program works:

This is a Lifestyle & Performance Medicine approach based on evidence in seven major areas: hydration, nutrition, physical activity, emotional well-being, sleep, healthy relationships, and alcohol/tobacco reduction. This multi-faceted approach is designed to create breakthrough results in health for your organization. Breakthroughs are always a function of four elements. First, they require a shift in mindset, attitude, thinking, consciousness and awareness. Second, we need an evidence-based approach for a plan of action. Third, we need to create a structure for support and accountability. Fourth, we need to develop a track record of consistency in order to build habits. Habits produce results.

The ideal approach is to first begin with the leadership of the organization. Without buy-in from the leadership, most projects are destined to fail. Then the Evolving Health  program will be rolled out to the most interested segment of the staff. From that group, people will be able to volunteer to become team leaders (additional incentives or compensation is recommended). They will be extensively trained to be competent peer leaders that will support the rest of the staff. As they are being trained, the seminar program will be presented to the rest of the staff. When this second segment of the staff complete the seminars, their team leaders will be ready to work with them in support groups that will meet each week. This follow-up structure for support is critical for the success of the program.

  • Introductory seminar to executive leadership. The cost of an unhealthy workforce, and creating breakthroughs in health (2.5 hours)
  • Dynamic Health workshops for executive leadership. Three half-day programs approximately 4 to 6 weeks apart.
  • Survey of interest to entire staff to determine those with keen interest.
  • Introductory presentation to those with keen interest. Inform them of team leadership opportunity.
  • Take Keen Interest group through Evolving Health program.
  • At completion, invite those interested to participate in Team Leadership program.
  • Begin training for Team Leaders. Includes goals, measurements, coaching, support.
  • Begin taking the rest of the staff through the Evolving Health program.
  • Team Leader training and Staff training conclude at same time. Establish support groups.
  • Continued training and support of team leaders.
  • Continued presentation of Evolving Health seminars as needed

Coach Ruben’s program is a TRANSFORMATIONAL approach, not a traditional educational approach. What this means is that this program is designed to cause a radical and fundamental type of change that combines deep inner shifts in people’s values, inspirations and perceptions, combined with outer shifts in behaviors, processes, strategies, practices and systems. Transformation results not just in doing something new, or a little bit faster or better, but in building a capacity for ongoing change.

The benefits of this approach include quantum reductions in process cycle times due to increased energy and awareness, reduced overheads, lower costs, improved quality, superior levels of employee commitment, and improved ability to respond to changes in the marketplace.

“This is a program that lived up to its name—Evolving Health. It wasn’t a diet or a magic solution but had many of the same results: weight loss, increased energy level, a new relationship with exercise, and a better outlook on my physical health. As a health care professional, I knew the academics of what I needed to do for improved health, but the Evolving Health program framed the information in a way that worked with my lifestyle. The program met me where I was at—emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. It was the first time that all aspects of my being were focused on obtaining health. I learned that I had options and that I could put together the pieces in ways that would allow me to be successful in the long-term. This program was about what I could do, not what I couldn’t have. Deprivation is not a part of living optimally. The Evolving Health program is a lifetime journey with changes and fine-tuning a part of the process. Now I have some of the tools necessary to take a balanced approach and have redefined success.” – Terri Wolf, – RN, BSN, UC Davis Medical Center