This is John. John is very happy! John is loving his life and living a life he loves. John is happy because in working with Coach Ruben and being coachable, John lost over 75 pounds and ALL his indicators of heart disease have completely reversed. Be like John.

If you are serious about getting started on making a lifestyle change, this is a great first step. This is your opportunity to work individually with a Board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional who has been practicing Lifestyle Medicine since 1983.  After you reach out and contact Coach Ruben, he will send you a comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine History Form to complete. You’ll include your family history, your history, your health habits and three days of a dietary journal. You’ll also want to send any blood work results that you may have. Once you complete the information and send it back, you’ll schedule an appointment, either by phone, video conference, or if you’re in the Sacramento region – in person.

At your consultation session, Coach Ruben will go over all your information and ask lots of questions to be clear. He will also ask you to share what your specific health goals are and all your concerns. He’ll provide some education to help you to understand the path you will need to take. He will then map out a specific individualized plan for you to get started on. These sessions usually take between 90 to 120 minutes.

After your session, Coach Ruben will send you a follow-up email with lots of resource information filled with videos, articles, websites and even recipes. Plus, you’ll be able to have a short follow-up call. You will be off to a great start to changing your lifestyle. You will be empowered!

The fee for this service is $275.

Contact Coach Ruben by email or by phone (916) 821-8953.

To find out more about what it’s like to be coached by Coach Ruben, watch this video where Laura was interviewed after finishing seven months of Healthy Lifestyle Coaching (one-on-one).