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For health-conscious people who feel frustrated, stuck on a plateau or exhausted… Learn the secrets to increasing your energy and being healthier & happier.


 Evolving Health presents a comprehensive guide to what you need to know about improving your health. In our research studies, we have found that it does not matter how old you are or how long you may have followed a less-than-perfect diet. Simple steps will get you on the path to the best of health. This book provides a clear and precise map to those steps.

Neal D. Barnard, MD

President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


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Evolving Health is for those who are ready to evolve to a higher level – a more vibrant lifestyle.  Evolving Health is for those ready to commit to making a profound and lasting difference in their lives, not just a little bit better. Evolving Health is for those who are ready to turn their lives around in a whole new direction!

Praise for Ruben:

  • Great!
  • Well educated on subject plus life experience
  • Caring – wants people to do well
  • Knowledgeable, entertaining
  • Good, clear, funny
  • Warm, upbeat, optimistic
  • Very organized, passionate, genuine
  • Very enthusiastic – contagiously so!
  • Humorous and very knowledgeable
  • Awesome, great presenter, good interaction
  • Lots of fun and never boring!

From program participants:

  • The best diet/exercise/health program I’ve come across!  – Bob Vopacke, retired controller and exercise enthusiast in his 60’s
  • Absolutely excellent program! – Charlotte Parks, Licensed MFT – Therapist for Children
  • High quality and very enjoyable program – Kathy Fong, Wellness Coach, Sutter Health
  • Very organized and information-packed! – Brianna Mitchell, Holistic clinical hynotherapist
  • I lost 6 pounds in 7 weeks, I feel lighter! I have no more heartburn! I enjoy good food. And, my breathing has improved substantially – I no longer have asthma! – Laraine Carver, RN, Sutter Health

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Praise for Evolving Health from Medical Professionals:

Evolving Health is a must read for all those interested in better health. Ruben calls on his extensive background as a health professional, educator, coach and seminar leader to bring us information that can be put to use immediately. I particularly like how Ruben explains the science behind his recommendations in a way that is informative and engaging to both the scientific and non-scientific reader. Excellent book – which I highly recommend!

– Marty Taub, RN, MSN, CPN, Sutter Health


I had started working with Coach Ruben in 2004 and I knew his teachings were sound and meant to be life-long, even though I resisted them for quite some time. But as the saying goes, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Now that I am in a graduate program for Nursing Leadership, I realized that if I am truly committed to transforming healthcare, then I would need to lead by example! The Evolving Health program provided me with reminders about exercise and nutrition. But, the most valuable key lesson was the segment about self-sabotage and the mental game that can stop progress. As a result of being in the 2010 summer program, I lost 40 pounds in 5 months and dropped two sizes. I have energy that lasts from5 amto well into the evening. My blood sugar levels are now stable and it’s leveled out my emotions, which means I don’t eat mindlessly because of emotions. I have gained a sense of well being that I’ve never had from the physical activity and it provides a positive effect on my mental and spiritual outlook.

– Terri Wolf, RN, BSN, OCN, UC Davis Oncology


As a registered nurse at Sutter, I thought I knew a lot about health and nutrition. In Ruben’s program I discovered the many “myths” about food and exercise, and learned the “truths” of how the body truly works – based on the physiology and biochemistry of our human design. I have now incorporated an entirely plant-based food plan and have discovered exciting recipes! As a result, I lost six pounds in seven weeks. I feel lighter! I have no more heartburn! I enjoy good food. And my breathing has improved substantially – I no longer have “asthma.”   

– Laraine Carver, RN, Sutter Health


I decided to participate so I could learn information for myself and my clients. What I discovered was the most efficient exercise program, and a food ladder that I agree with and could share with my clients. I then became fully plant-based in my diet for six weeks, and am staying mostly plant-based with occasional fish, and have been regularly exercising 5 – 6 days per week! As a result, I feel clearer spiritually and have increased my energy!!

– Brianna Mitchell, Holistic clinical hypnotherapist


I wanted to know more about being healthy and I wanted to find strategies that would help me do more of what I needed. I learned why I had a hard time exercising consistently – my old blueprint was that adult women (my mother) did not exercise – what was important was to be “thin and beautiful.” I also gained a greater understanding about how my body works. Subsequently, I decided to take responsibility for my exercise. I even worked out 6 days last week! As a result, I am getting stronger physically, I feel good emotionally, I am mentally alert and spiritually connected!

– Kathy Fong, Wellness Coach, Sutter Health


I was aware of my poor health and physical state before the program, but I was unaware of the poor nutrition I had. Subsequently, I became fully plant-based in my diet and increased my physical fitness. As a result, I lost 15 pounds in just a few weeks, and feel like I am honest with myself for the first time around food.  I have broken my addiction to sugar and it feels great!!

– Charlotte Parks, MFT

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